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'This is Going To Hurt'

By Adam Kay

In a time when we are relying on the NHS doctors, nurses and staff even more than usual, this book gives a great humorous insight into their every day lives and challenges. They will still be heroes even when Covid-19 is gone!

If you're feeling festive, check out the sequel: T'was The Nightshift Before Christmas.


'One Day'

By David Nicholls

My favourite book in the world- can't count the amount of times I've read this. A beautiful story of friendship, love and growing up, captured on just one day a year across 20 years. It's been made into a movie staring Anne Hathaway, so check that out as well.

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'The Goldfinch'

By Donna Tartt

'The Goldfinch' follows the life of protagonist Theodore Decker after a terrible event rips his young world apart.

It is the seriously the most beautifully written book you will ever read, the prose is just exquisite. 

It is a big read at 864 pages, but I promise it is worth it- and surely the length just makes this the perfect quarantine read?


'It's Not Me, It's Them'

By Joel Dommett

Funniest book I've read in a long time (unsurprising seeing as it's written by a comedian). As a teenager, Joel vows to find 'the one' within the first 50 people he sleeps with. As an adult and nearing no.50, he looks back at all the women he's ever slept with. Sounds crude, but is actually a really heart warming and funny book!

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