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BEST Independent Cafes in Bath!

Coffee has to be a highlight of any city break, and a trip to Bath is no different. Surely the only thing that could make coffee taste any sweeter was knowing that you are supporting small, independent cafes through a hard time!

Steer away from the Starbucks, Costa and Nero and pay a visit to one of these amazing cafes on your next trip to the historic, Georgian city of Bath!

1) The Colombian Coffee Company

Situated right in the heart of Bath, just around the corner from Bath Abbey is my personal favourite coffee shop in the city! With a cosy interior, friendly staff and authentic Colombian coffee- what more could you possibly want?

2) The Good Day Cafe

The Good Day Cafe literally provides exactly what it promises in the name with its delicious coffee and cafe combinations! The Kinder Bueno Brownie is literally a game changer.

3) Colonna and Smalls Coffee

Colonna and Smalls is situated perfectly for when you are wandering back down from a visit to the Royal Crescent and provides a real coffee experience. They put a huge emphasis on flavour, and take pride in exploring how the region, variety, processing, roast and brewing method can affect the taste! The flavours that are available change weekly based on the seasonality of coffee growing. If you are a serious coffee lover, this is not one to be missed!

4) Mokoko Coffee

Mokoko is the cutest little place that opened up in 2011 and has an emphasis on 'great coffee'. If you really love Mokoko, make sure you also check out their branch in Wapping Warf in Bristol which also has the most amazing bakery attached!

Let me know if you try any of these cafes, would love to hear your thoughts as well!



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