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Best Ways To Get From Athens International Airport to City Centre

With Greece becoming one of the hottest 2020 summer destinations (largely because it still isn't on the enforced two week quarantine list- yet), flocks of tourists will soon be landing into the capital city Athens, and attempting to navigate their way from the airport to the city centre. Luckily, Athens International is set fairly close to the centre, only 35 km away. This allows room for plenty of transport options. If you are one of these excited holiday makers then look no further- here are the best ways to get from Athens International airport into the city centre.

1) Taxi

A taxi is by far the quickest way to get back to the city (it should take around 30 minutes), but will also be the most expensive- you are looking at around €40, and be mindful that in Greece, there are also extra surcharges, such as a luggage charge.

TOP TIP: Rather than jumping into one of the waiting taxi's outside the airport, download 'TaxiBeat'. This is the Greek version of Uber, but connects you to a standard taxi rather than an individual company, like Uber would do. But by using TaxiBeat, it ensures you get a fair price for the ride and also gives you the comfort of a price upfront. Like Uber, you are asked to rank the driver after finishing the ride.

2) Bus

Buses are another easy option. They run from outside the airport into the centre, and are connected by four bus lines- x93, x95, x96 and x97 which are operated by OSY. The bus can get you directly to the city centre, as well as KTEL Terminal, Liosion bus terminal and Piraeus and the buses run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week every 30-60 minutes! It will take you around 60 minutes to reach the centre, and costs €6 per ticket.

3) Metro

The option we chose was the metro. This seemed like the easiest option for us since we had specifically selected an Air B&B close to a metro station. The metro is situated within the airport, and is €9 per ticket (normal metro prices within the city are much cheaper, but it is more expensive to come or go to the airport). The metro was super easy to use, and they have the station named written in both Greek and English!

Have an amazing holiday, and let me know if this was useful!


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