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Know Before You Go - Spain

Travel can be tricky at the moment, and it can be so confusing sifting through page after page of conflicting information on COVID guidelines on what you need to do/take/fill out to enter a specific country.

So to make your Spanish holiday as easy as possible for you, I've created a super easy to follow checklist and detailed explanation of everything you need to do to enter Spain from the UK! (Current for September 2021). Thank me later, when you are relaxing by a glistening pool with the sun beaming down on you and a cocktail in hand.

So let's start with travelling TO Spain FROM England.

1) Download the SpTH app and fill out the locator form

The logo looks like this:

And will take you through the entire process of filling out the Spanish locator form. You will not be able to fly if you haven't filled one of these out!

Few things to note:

- I actually found the app quite difficult to use. It will allow you to progress through pages of information then will suddenly stop you going further, and it will turn out the mistake was on the first page. This was highly frustrating! In the end, I filled out my locator form on a computer which I found much easier. Here is the link if you would prefer to stay away from fiddly little apps too:

- Also to note, the form above is only if you are travelling to Spain via flying! If you are taking a ferry, you need to use this form instead:

2) Proof of Full Vaccination

To travel to Spain, you will need proof of full vaccination OR negative COVID test. To show you are fully vaccinated, you need to access your NHS COVID Pass. You can do this by downloading the NHS App (different to the NHS COVID-19 App) and request it through the 'Get your NHS Covid Pass' section. Be aware, you will need to verify that it is you which can take up to 24 hours so don't leave this until the last minute! Mine initially got rejected because the photo I uploaded of my passport wasn't clear enough, which meant the entire process was longer.

3) OR a negative test.

If you aren't fully vaccinated you can still travel to Spain (hooray), you will just need to provide proof of a negative test.

Then to travel FROM Spain TO England, you will need:

1) To take a negative COVID test before you fly.

You need to have proof of a negative covid test in order to fly back to the UK. You can go about this in two ways; you can organise a test in Spain, or you can bring an approved test out with you. I went for the second option, and found the cheapest tests to be from here:

If you bring a kit, many of them will require you to send off a photo of your results next to your passport and the test number. This can take up to 12 hours to be approved, so make sure you leave plenty of time!

2) Fill out the UK locator form

This can be found on the government website and here is a link:

I found this form relatively straight forward to use, and I had no issues filling it out on my phone.

3) Proof of full vaccination:

Like on the journey to Spain, to return to the UK you will need to show proof of full vaccination again.

4) Take a Day 2 test:

On returning to the UK, you will need to take a Day 2 test. These need to be ordered beforehand, as you will need a reference number for the UK locator form. On your second day back in the UK, you need to take the test and then post it off.

So there you have it! Hope this helped with the Covid related travel stress. To make it even easier, I've even created a printable checklist. Download it here:

Fly To Spain Checklist
Download PDF • 45KB

Have a great trip!




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