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Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas!

Quarantine and the practically worldwide lockdown has hit everyone hard, and while I think everyone appreciates the upmost importance of following the rules and flattening the curve, it doesn't make being away from your significant other any easier. In these uncertain times, it feels even more important to have loved ones around you and to feel close.

Since having to leave South Africa due to Corona virus, my boyfriend and I abruptly both had to move home, and are now living almost a hundred miles away from each other. Pretty strange after a year and a half of travelling together!

We've had to get creative about how we can still feel close, and like we are doing things 'together'. Here are some of the long distance dates we've come up with during lockdown!

Read a Book Together

This was actually an idea that my friend came up with. She found her and her boyfriend were constantly reading a book, then recommending it to the other, then having to wait weeks for the other person to finish it before they could discuss it! So instead, they both decided to order the same book at the same time and read it 'together'. Sometimes this would be on Facetime, and sometimes they would just set themselves a certain amount to read by a specific time, and then would chat about where they thought the plot was going. Kind of like a virtual book club.

I really loved this idea so I gave it a go with my boyfriend Kee, but he is honestly the slowest reader on the entire planet. It was physically painful so we gave up on that one pretty quick.

Some Book Recommendations:

  • 'Normal People' by Sally Rooney (check out the BBC TV adaptation as well)

  • 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt

  • 'Call Me By My Name' by André Aciman

Watch A Movie

One of mine and Keelan's favourite things to do together is go to the cinema! We are literally at the point where we don't even care what we watch anymore, we just love the whole experience (Tango Ice Blast and Pick and Mix counter- I'm looking at you). So while apart, we decided to recreate our favourite activity. We pick a movie- usually after a lengthy disagreement on what to watch- then set ourselves up on Facetime so it feels like we are together.

Cook Together

I did a separate blog post about this idea (check that out HERE), but thought I'd include it again anyway because it was such a fun evening! We picked out a new recipe, got all the ingredients and cooked it on Facetime. We tried to make sure we were doing all the parts 'together' and afterwards set up the table as if we were on a real date at a restaurant. It was a really lovely thing to do and because there were several phases to the date (cooking then eating), it felt like we had spent a proper evening together.

Do A Quiz

I know quizzes have literally been done to death throughout quarantine and most of us can barely stand to even think the word anymore, but I stand by the fact that a good old quiz is fun! Especially with a significant other- you could make it a quiz about your relationship, or a little test on how well you know each other (one way to start an argument at the very least).

Write Letters

This is my personal favourite. At heart, I am such a traditional romantic and I love these little touches more than anything. Even though we all have Facetime and texting and calling now, I don't think there is anything more beautiful than the thought of someone sitting down and putting time and energy into writing a proper letter. I think it really shows someone is thinking of you, and I loved the feeling of checking the post everyday, waiting for a reply.

So just a few little ideas of ways to make distance that little bit easier! Especially if you are not used to it, long distance relationships can feel very daunting and never ending. Although all these little activities can help, the most important thing to do is to be open and honest about how you are both feeling, and to talk about when you are finding it harder than usual.

Hope these helped!

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