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My Worldwide Bucket-list

I found this old bucket-List that I made a few years ago.Since then, I have been lucky enough to tick off a few things, and while stuck in quarantine in rainy England, it cheered me up to see how much I had already done since then! So I've added some more bucket-list destinations and experiences to round it up to the big 50, and hopefully by the next time I am adding to this, there will be even more checked off!

  1. Skydive

  2. Scuba Dive

  3. Bathe elephants

  4. See a kangaroo

  5. Go on safari

  6. Go on a long haul flight

  7. Ride a gondola in Venice

  8. Hobbiton

  9. Hollywood sign

  10. Go up the Eiffel Tower

  11. Northern Lights

  12. Great Wall of China

  13. Sydney Opera House

  14. Great Barrier Reef

  15. Go surfing

  16. Statue of Liberty

  17. Fly first class

  18. Live in another country

  19. India

  20. Stay in a floating hut

  21. Malvides

  22. Fiji

  23. Ha Long Bay

  24. Do a road trip

  25. Go to the desert

  26. Swim with dolphins

  27. Swim with turtles

  28. Go sea kayaking

  29. Ski in Japan

  30. Watch the sunrise over Angkor Watt

  31. Go whale watching

  32. Drive the Great Ocean Road

  33. South America

  34. Climb a mountain

  35. Go in a helicopter

  36. Walk on a glacier

  37. Go stargazing

  38. Grand Canyon

  39. Catch a train across Canada

  40. Berlin Wall

  41. La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

  42. Lake Bled

  43. Island hopping in Croatia

  44. Island hopping in Thailand

  45. Go Inter-railing around Europe

  46. Drink coffee in Melbourne

  47. Sydney Harbour Bridge

  48. Work with pandas

  49. Visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam

  50. Volunteer in an orphanage or school

Let me know which you've already ticked off, or if you can think of any more to add!


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