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I'm Saz

Welcome to my little corner of the globe - I'm so glad you are here. 

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About me 

My name is Saz (Sarah to anyone who knew me pre university). I grew up in Bath, a small city in the South West of England. I feel like my love of travel and adventure began from a very young age- when I was 2, my family moved to Rome for a few years and growing up, our summer holidays were always spent driving across Europe (not always a fun experience with six people in the car!) and then setting up camp wherever we found ourselves.

After I finished my A Level's in Bath, I deferred my University space and instead moved to Milan where I worked as an Au Pair for a year. In 2015, I finally headed off to University in Reading where I trained as a Primary School Teacher. Even though I loved the creativity of teaching, I always felt there was something missing. So after just one year of teaching, I quit my job to travel the world. Over the next few years (with a small interruption from Covid) I have  travelled South East Asia, Australia, worked for a year in Queenstown, a mountain town in New Zealand, explored Latin America and squeezed in a trip to New York. 

It means the world to me that you'd want to follow along on my adventures, and I hope you find something useful in the stories and mistakes I make along the way!

All my love,


About Shedot.Travels

Shedot.Travels began first as a quiet dream, then lived solely on the hard drive of my laptop on hidden Word Documents before finally coming to life on a hike with my boyfriend in New Zealand. I wanted to create a very open and honest space that didn't glamorise travelling but inspired a longing for adventure and creating those irreplaceable once in a life time memories. 

Thank you for sharing this little space with me.

Here's to the adventurous!

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