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Speedy7: Best Podcasts to Listen to When Traveling

We all know those endless plane journeys, overnight buses and countless trains can become a bit draining (the actual travelling is definitely the worst part about travelling) so I've put together a list of the best podcasts to keep you entertained.

1) Something Funny...

'Private Parts' by Jamie Laing and Francis Boule

If you need a pick me up, Private Parts hosted by Jamie Laing and Francis Boule is definitely where to head. The Made in Chelsea reality stars' run chatty and funny interviews with celebrities ranging from MIC co-stars to ex-special forces Jason Fox.

2) Something Sinister...

'Case File True Crime' by Anonymous 

If you're looking for something to keep you alert, Case File True Crime will keep you on the edge of your seat. The podcast looks at historic and recent crime cases from all over the world. This is all I listened to while driving through the deep outback of Australia, and let me tell you, I did not sleep well that trip.

3) Something Positive...

'Happy Places' by Fern Cotton 

'Happy Places' hosted by Fern Cotton is the perfect feel-good, motivational podcast. She interviews pretty big names, chats about the highs and lows of their career and discusses how they got through the darker days. This is the perfect beach day podcast.

4) Something Meaningful...

'Phone A Friend' by George Ezra and Ollie MN

A super insightful and raw podcast where two friends, George Ezra and Ollie MN, check in with each other over the phone and discuss their mental health. It is beautifully honest and organic as they talk about their own experiences and coping mechanisms.

It is so important to look after your mental health, just like every other part of your body. I found that this was especially challenging while travelling, when everything is always changing and there is no set base or routine. This podcast really helped me keep my feet on the ground.

5) Something Musical

'My Teenage Mixtape' by Joel Dommett and Steve Dunne.

I actually started listening to this podcast initially because I find Joel Dommett hilarious. If you are looking for a book between podcasts, check out his biography 'It's Not Me, It's Them' in which he discusses all the women he has ever slept with (I promise it is less crude than it sounds). In the podcast, Joel and Steve invite guests to discuss their favourite songs from throughout their lives.

6) Something Shocking...

'How I Survived' hosted by Beth Young 

I literally became obsessed with this podcast while doing a road trip across New Zealand. The episodes are pretty short so you don't need a long attention span which suited me well. The host Beth Young speaks to people to have experienced shocking events which they amazingly survived. Episodes vary from being mauled by a bear to a guy who accidentally sliced off his face with a chainsaw! Whoever claims that isn't quality content is lying.

7) Something Inspiring...

'Ted Talks Daily' by TED

For the entrepreneurs amongst you, this podcast will really help to add fuel to your fire.

There is a different speaker daily and topics can range from discussing experiences with disabilities, introducing new apps or inventions or looking at world issues like global warming. Very educational and eye opening!

So there you have it! 7 podcasts to get you through even the dullest of journeys. Happy listening :)


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