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Speedy7: The Best Quarantine Dates!

This quarantine situation is definitely a weird time for everyone, and I know that, like me, a lot of people are struggling to keep themselves feeling busy and productive. I have found that breaking out of the routine and doing something a bit different has really helped me! I originally wrote this blog as a list of date ideas but looking back over them, I think they could be used with anyone you are trapped indoors with right now, whether thats a boyfriend, girlfriend, Mum, Dad, best friend, sister, housemate or your pet fish. So give these ideas a go and let me know how you get on!

1) Have a Themed Evening

I love this idea because it can literally span across an entire evening- and we all know how crucial time consuming activities are right now. Start by picking a country as your theme for the night- for example, Italy could be a good one. Plan out a three course meal in keeping with your theme. So for Italy, you could have bruschetta for starters, spaghetti bolognese for main and tiramisu for dessert, followed by an espresso (if you aren’t Jamie Oliver, then garlic bread and a Dominoes pizza could work just as well.) Try to really go all out- have some Italian wine, give your ‘restaurant’ an Italian sounding name and stick on some Italian music. Then just sit back and relax as the constricting four walls that you have been stuck in for the past 6 weeks simply fade away as you float off to Rome.

After that, find an Italian film to watch- ‘Life is Beautiful’ is such a beautiful, moving film but be prepared to sob. For extra points, you could even learn some Italian phrases to shout at the TV during the film.

2) Create Your Own Back Garden Beer Garden

In England, there is the unspoken law that any remotely sunny day should be spent in a beer garden. Obviously, with all the pubs and bars closed right now, and the summer months slinking slowly closer, the British are beginning to panic. So why not create your own beer garden in your back yard? Wait for any vague break in the clouds, then wipe off all the garden furniture (indoor furniture can be moved outside just as easily) and set up a seating area! Create a little bar menu with a drinks and snacks section, and then serve it up in proper pub glasses. If you want to be really extra, string up some fairy lights and lamps and turn it into a proper cosy evening set up.

(If you don't have a back garden, try and find some camping chairs and bring them down to your local park!)

3) Go To a Cocktail Class

This one is my favourite ideas because you learn a new skill and you get to get drunk- two birds with one stone. Head to your local supermarket (obviously tie this in with your standard necessities shop) and stock up on alcohol, mixers and a variety of ‘extras’ like strawberries, lemons and limes.

Then simply Youtube how to make your favourite cocktail and get shaking! You could each make a different cocktail and then do a taste test at the end to see whose is better.

When they’re all prepared, why not head out to your homemade beer garden to drink them while basking in the sunshine?

I found this video was a really great simple tutorial!

4) Baking With a Twist

Baking is such a good quarantine activity. Hot girl summer is obviously so far out the window, so we might as well enjoy stuffing our faces with baked goods for a little while longer. To make it into a date style activity, try turning it into a ‘Bake Off’ style competition. Both of you whip something up, and then do a taste test and see who is the champion baker. Winner gets to eat everything.

Here's some links to the best things I've been baking:

5) Have a Picnic

Sometimes quarantine can feel a bit constricting, so it is always good for mental health to get out the house and take a walk. On your next stroll, turn it into a picnic. I did google the rules around whether this would be allowed, but as long as you pick a secluded spot away from other people and don’t stay outside an unreasonable amount of time then I think you should be all good! Pack a bag with a big rug and some cushions. Then put together a collection of your favourite snacks and some wine or champagne and enjoy the sunshine! If you really want to feel like you are on an al fresco date, cook your proper evening meal, pack it in some Tupperware and take that! Dinner with a view.

6) Cinema

Surely one of the most missed activities right now is the cinema. I love the whole experience of going to the cinema- picking the movie, selecting your drink and snacks and settling into a big comfy chair. One of the best things about the cinema as well is the no phone rule! Means you are totally absorbed into the movie, which is so important. So for your next movie night, turn it into a cinema evening instead. Set a starting time for the movie and make some tickets that have to be handed over as you enter the 'cinema'. Turn down all the lights, and switch off your mobiles. If you have some sort of projector, set the movie up on that so you even have the authentic big screen!

7) Online Class

A good way to stay busy and feeling motivated during lockdown is to try and learn a new skill! Have a think about something you always wish you had time to try out, and give it a go. Whether it's a baking class, dance, pottery or painting, google a class and bring along your date! Doing it with another person is always more fun, and will make sure you are mixing up your daily routines and not slipping into the same habits!

Drop me a comment on how you got on, and let me know if you have any other quarantine date ideas! Stay safe, stay positive, stay happy!

Saz x


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