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Budget Bites in Bath!

City breaks are one of the best ways to spend a weekend- but can also be one of the most expensive! Between travel, accommodation and and attraction costs, it can quickly equate to an eye-watering bill- but I'm here to help you save some pennies (or pounds) in your next trip to the beautiful city of Bath.

Bath is a hugely popular city break destination in the South West of England, with over 348,000 visitors throughout the year, making it the 11th most visited town or city in the UK! With it's gorgeous Georgian architecture, rich historic roots and infamous natural hot spa, it's no wonder crowds flock to the city- but the popularity has made prices within the city rise.

So if you have spent all your allocated funds on coffee at the numerous independent cafes, a personalised tour of the Gothic Bath Abbey or a romantic dip in the Thermae spa, here are some super cheap (but still delicious restaurants) to check out!


Chaiwalla is the only West Country Indian to be voted one of the Top 5 Vegan Curry Houses in the UK by Vegan Life Magazine, and it's easy to see why. Keep your eyes peeled, as the little establishment is easily missed, tucked away behind a little green door just off Kingsmead Square. It's take out only, so grab your delicious food and head to the Abbey Courtyard for dinner with a view!

Find Chaiwalla at: 42 Monmouth St, Bath BA1 1EN

Thai Hut

Located in Green Park Station, this little Thai hut is a family run business and serves up aromatic traditional food with heaps of flavour! Super tasty, and super affordable- what more could you possibly want?

Find Thai Hut at: Green Park Station, Bath BA1 1JB

LJ Hugs:

Located right in the centre of town, LJ Hug's is the perfect budget-friendly (but still delicious) option! Known as Bath's Cajun cuisine specialists, choose between chicken thighs or beef chilli and sweet potato fries or classic fries, all serves with a range of sauces to suit your chilli desires! Every meal is priced between £2 and £7 and is served with fries and salad.

Find LJ Hugs at: Southgate St, Bath BA1 1AQ

The Grocer Cafe

The Grocer Cafe is (you guessed it) is a clever mix between a grocery and a cafe! This means you can expect super fresh, local ingredients in all their food- and the best part is, if you really love a particular dish, you can buy the ingredients on the spot to recreate it at home. Prices begin from a super affordable £4.25 for a freshly prepared sandwich, and fillings can vary from crayfish to tuna mayo!

Find The Grocer Cafe at: 16 Windsor Villas, Bath BA1 3DJ

Hope these recommendations got your taste buds tingling (and saved you some ££!)

Let me know if these were useful!



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